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July 01, 2016
NYSUT logoThis website was created in 2011 by the Professional Staff Association (NYSUT) of the Albany County Nursing Home. Its purpose is to tell our story, serve as an employee resource for news and information, and to recognize the talents and contributions of our dedicated and caring membership.

news and headlines

Nursing home reforms largest part of county Government Efficiency Plan

june 1, 2015

More than $3 million in reforms to Albany County Nursing Home is the largest portion of the county's Government Efficiency Plan submitted to New York State, says Comptroller Michael Conners. full story

Albany County legislators vote not to downsize

May 13, 2015

The Albany County Legislature voted Monday night 21-18 not to let voters decide in November whether the legislature should shrink by 10 seats in 2023 from 39 districts to 29. full story

County Legislature Chair Shawn Morse won't seek re-election, says saving ACNH his greatest achievement

May 12, 2015

Albany County Legislature Chairman Shawn Morse, one of the three most powerful men in county government, said he will not seek re-election in what insiders described as a prelude to a run for Cohoes mayor. Morse called saving the Albany County Nursing Home from privatization "probably one of my greatest achievements" in nearly 12 years in the legislature. full story

For sale: Lower Hudson Valley nursing homes

May 10, 2015

Nursing home sales in Westchester and Rockland County are part of a larger health care trend that is reshaping elder care amid pressure from aging baby boomers. The agonizing decision to move a loved one into a nursing home is about to get even more challenging as there will soon be fewer choices of facilities — especially for people with limited incomes — in the Lower Hudson Valley. full story

Albany County mulls $325G pay for nursing home leader

March 31, 2015

The man brought in to save the Albany County Nursing Home is poised to become by far the county's highest-paid employee and among the most handsomely compensated county workers in the state. County Executive Dan McCoy has asked lawmakers to formally appoint consultant Larry Slatky as the facility's $325,000-a-year executive director. full story

Albany County Nursing Home in clash with certified nursing aides

March 18, 2015

Labor unrest at the Albany County Nursing Home and widespread absenteeism have triggered fears among residents' loved ones that tension between staff and the administrator hired to turn around the struggling facility is causing gaps in care. full Times Union story

Few easy answers for nursing home’s future

March 9, 2015

The future of the Albany County Nursing Home is important, and there are no easy answers for how the county should proceed. A recent article on whether the facility is on the rebound failed to address the most important issue for the community: Quality of services provided at the facility. full story

Times Union notable quote of the week

february 22, 2015

"We've addressed the 500-pound gorilla, knocked him down ... And he's now a 200-pound gorilla." — Albany County Legislature Chairman Shawn Morse on the Albany County Nursing Home's finances

Health care companies seeking to buy Columbia County's nursing home

february 20, 2015

Two health care companies have offered to purchase the Pine Haven Nursing Home from Columbia County as debate is renewed over the potential sale. Centers Health Care and Premier Healthcare Management made offers of $5.4 million and $6.5 million respectively. full story

County Executive challenger credits unions for nursing home turnaround, not McCoy

february 19, 2015

Albany County Executive challenger Dan Egan criticized Dan McCoy for taking credit for saving the nursing home in Tuesday's State of the County address, saying it was the work of organized labor and the Legislature. "McCoy claims victory for turning around the nursing home," Egan said. "Let’s not forget he started ‘saving’ it by trying to close it. For McCoy to attack the union and then take credit for the legislature’s success demonstrates why Albany County so urgently needs a serious executive."full story

ACNH changes/renovations to transform living conditions for residents, McCoy says

february 18, 2015

New renovations and changes at the Albany County Nursing Home will “transform living conditions for our nursing home residents,” Albany County Dan McCoy said in his State of the County speech on Tuesday. full story

County executive says plans call for converting space in nursing home for medical care

february 18, 2015

Albany County is drafting plans to work with Albany Medical Center to provide primary medical care to the public out of vacant space in the county's Colonie nursing home, County Executive Dan McCoy said Tuesday. full story

Albany County Nursing Home on the rebound

february 16, 2015

By 2012, the Albany County Nursing Home had become a costly symbol of government paralysis. Three years later — a span in which at least 15 counties have cut ties with their nursing homes — county officials contend the nursing home is undergoing a remarkable if incomplete turnaround. full story

Future plans for ACNH to be part of Tuesday's State of the County address

february 14, 2015

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy plans to deliver his fourth State of the County Address on Tuesday night at 5 p.m. in the Cahill Room of the Harold L. Joyce County Office Building at 112 State St. in downtown Albany. He says the the address will include the unveiling of a plan to mobilize county departments to address the heroin and prescription drug abuse in the community, along with details about his plans for the future of Albany County Nursing Home.

Transition is a confusing time for employees at Saratoga County nursing facility

february 2, 2015

Saratoga County transferred Maplewood Manor operations to a private company on Sunday, ending years of debate and negotiation, but not concerns for the Saratoga County nursing home's work force and residents. FULL STORY

State offering $850M to close over 5,700 nursing home Medicaid appeals

january 8, 2015

Counties that alleged the state was shortchanging them on Medicaid funding for their nursing homes are weighing a potential settlement that could provide them with financial windfalls. New York has offered nursing home operators a total of $850 million to settle 5,707 appeals on past Medicaid reimbursement rates from the state that date back to 1990, county officials said. full story

Saratoga County Nursing Home's new owners meet with employees to talk about cuts

january 1, 2015

The new owners of the former Saratoga County-run Maplewood Manor Nursing Home has met with employees to discuss cuts in positions and pay for some 300 employees since the facility will privatize. full story

Maplewood Manor Nursing Home private buyer proposes steep cuts

december 12, 2014

Before officially taking over the reins of Saratoga County's Maplewood Manor Nursing Home, Zenith Healthcare is proposing to eliminate nearly a quarter of the facility's staff. For decades, the county run facility has cost taxpayers millions. full story

Lawmakers pass 2015 county budget, ACNH changes help stabilize finances

december 10, 2014

Lawmakers passed a $597.4 million 2015 budget Monday, one that had its finances stabilized by changes at the Albany County Nursing Home, said County Executive Dan McCoy. Among the reforms pressed have been negotiated scheduling changes with the unions there, which McCoy projects will help cut the county's annual subsidy of the facility to $6.3 million, down from more than $12 million in years past. full story

Family donates blankets to ACNH patients

december 8, 2014

Thank you to Leona Morin who, according to the Daily (Schenectady) Gazette newspaper, provided a gift of 40 blankets/comforters — one for each bed — to the dementia unit at the Albany County Nursing Home. Mrs. Morin's husband, along with the husband of a friend, Louise Carlini of Ballston Spa, are on the unit, and for them the gift is greatly appreciated.

Letter: ACNH helps a Marine and his family

december 2, 2014

My husband of 62 years has Alzheimer’s. Like many caretakers, I kept him home as long as I possibly could. It was a sad day when I had to decide to admit him to a nursing home. Not many (if any) were willing to accept a combative Marine, but Albany County Nursing Home did. That decision changed my life from very stressful to finally relief that my husband was getting the good care that he would not allow me to do. full letter

County lawmakers approve $2.5 million in capital improvements to ACNH

november 23, 2014

The Albany County Legislature has given the go-ahead for several modernizations and improvements at the Albany County Nursing Home, which will be bonded over the next two years for a total of $2.456 million. full story

County Executive commends unions for help in stabilizing nursing home finances

october 10, 2014

Unions like the PSA have helped stabilize nursing home finances in the 2015 county budget, the county executive posted on his website today. In June, the County and unions representing nursing home employees negotiated new contracts. The projected savings that will result from the new contracts, along with additional operational efficiencies, will cut the County’s share of funding. The 2015 budget forecasts savings of $4.2 million, including a $575,000 reduction in overtime costs. full story

McCoy says nursing home losses cut in half in newly released county budget

october 10, 2014

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy released his new proposed 2015 executive budget today claiming nursing home losses have been cut in half due to union concessions and job losses there in 2014. full story

Nursing homes for sale as N.Y. counties cut costs

october 3, 2014

New York municipalities are getting out of the nursing-home business, ridding themselves of a financial burden just as baby boomers head into old age. full story

Albany County nursing home needs everyone’s support

september 11, 2014

My mother was a resident of the Albany County Nursing Home for 2-1/2 years. As anyone who has had a loved one in need of a nursing home knows, it was not an easy 2-1/2 years. However, I was grateful to have a place in my community where my mother could receive quality care while remaining close to her friends and family. And for that, I would like to thank the staff of ACNH, the Core Group, and those legislators that work tirelessly to keep it open and county run. full story

Legislative minority calls for nursing home referendum once again

september 6, 2014

Christine Benedict, Minority Leader of the Albany County Legislature, once again presented a resolution at the September meeting for a public referendum on whether or not to keep Albany County Nursing Home. view her Times Union column

Letter: Nursing Home in Albany is essential

september 5, 2014

Albany doesn’t need a casino; the region already has the Saratoga Casino and Raceway. Albany doesn’t need a new convention center; we have the South Mall complex. Albany doesn’t even need a riverfront at the moment; we have a small park and a floating barge restaurant. What we do need is a state-of-the-art Albany County Nursing Home. full story

Nursing home improvements, new PSA contract on tonight's legislative agenda

august 11, 2014

The Albany County Legislature is expected to approve a new five-year capital improvement plan tonight that will bring needed improvements to Albany County Nursing Home. Lawmakers are also expected to approve a new collective bargaining agreement with the nursing home’s Professional Staff Association (NYSUT). full story

Like Albany County, county-run nursing homes in New Jersey struggling to survive

august 3, 2014

County-run nursing homes used to be the norm in New Jersey, as local governments fulfilled residents' needs for affordable care and comfort as they reached the end of life. The practice itself may be on borrowed time, however, as a recent report from the New Jersey Association of Counties paints a dim financial picture for county nursing homes in the years to come. full story

ACNH home keep family together for Bessette family

July 9, 2014

I must admit guilt in my former belief that the Albany County Nursing Home was a money pit and only served the chosen few. Why should taxpayers shoulder the burden of this aging outdated facility? My family can answer that question now. The Albany County Nursing Home serves those that have need and few choices, and the need isn’t always about money. full letter

Workers Help Save Albany County Nursing Home, Win Raises As Well

July 2, 2014

Nurses and service and maintenance workers at Albany County Nursing Home have agreed to a contract that will not only provide annual raises, but also has effectively saved the county-run facility from going out of business. The Albany County Legislature is expected to give the final seal of approval to the agreement in July. full story

County Legislature Minority Leaders to present resolution calling for public vote on ACNH

June 19, 2014

In a letter to the Spotlight newspapers, Albany County Deputy Minority Leader Christine Benedict says she will once again present a resolution calling for a public referendum on the future of Albany County Nursing Home. view letter

Times Union applauds ACNH unions for givebacks

June 15, 2014

Times Unions Sunday Opinion Column: A public facility running a nearly $12 million annual deficit needs to make significant changes if it is to survive. That is why the agreement between Albany County and unions for Albany County Nursing Home employees is a good first step. It gives workers a modest and long overdue wage hike, shortens their workweek and eliminates weekend shift differentials. The $1.5 million projected annual savings is no small change, but county officials still have a formidable challenge ahead to put the home on solid financial footing.

Unions and county officials grappling with future of public nursing homes in New York

June 12, 2014

Labor unions are conceding ground under pressure from New York lawmakers urging counties to sell nursing homes. The development follows a trend of county governments fleeing the health care business. full story

County and ACNH unions reach agreement on contract adjustments, expected to save $1.5M annually

June 11, 2014

County Executive Daniel P. McCoy today announced that the administration has forged agreements with two unions representing 270 staff members at the Albany County Nursing Facility that will result in an estimated annual savings of $1.5 million in savings to the county while ensuring that the nursing home will continue to provide care for seniors. full story

PSA overwhelmingly ratifies new contract

June 6, 2014

The PSA overwhelmingly ratified a new contract on Thursday by a vote of 47-2. Also, the results of the Union 1099 contract votes are as follows: RN Unit 7-0; Service and Maintenance Unit: 121-52.

Business Review: Numbers don't add up for future of government-run nursing homes

may 19, 2014

The list of nursing homes owned by New York counties has been shrinking amid upheaval in the health care industry. Of the more than 40 county-owned nursing home facilities, five have closed and 13 have been sold in recent years. full story

LCD take over of ACNH 'not looking good' for October, McCoy says

may 15, 2014

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy said in a radio interview this week "it's not looking good" that a Local Development Corp (LDC) will take over operations of the nursing home by the planned date of October. listen to interview

Nursing home announcement coming soon, Comptroller tells Times Union

may 2, 2014

Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners told the Times Union yesterday, "There will be an announcement soon revealing a significant ongoing savings in the operation of the nursing home."full story

Harvey FinkelsteinMeet Harvey Finkelstein: A casual conversation with Albany County Nursing Home’s Executive Director

april 8, 2014

Recently, had an opportunity to sit down for a chat with Harvey Finkelstein and get to know the Albany County Nursing Home Executive Director, who took over this role on January 1. Here’s what he had say about himself, his job and the nursing home, overall. view interview

McCoy discusses nursing home 'positively' in third State of the County Address

March 11, 2014

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy once again discussed the county nursing home in his third State of the County Address Monday, but this time in a positive light. He said the plan for the nursing home, which has county funding through September, is that the Local Development Corporation will take over operations. “Such action will put Albany County on more stable financial ground, while ensuring that our nursing home residents receive the care they need,” he said. full story

Letter: Those supporting McCoy’s plan are placing political needs or self interest before the elderly

february 27, 2014

I am appalled at what I have witnessed for seven years. In Deb Busch's Feb. 20 letter, she characterizes the Albany County Nursing Home future as a “saga” of political competing interests among Albany County Democrats. She also states that the Albany County executive believes that the county can no longer manage its nursing home efficiently and must have a private for-profit nursing-home conglomerate, Upstate Services Group, manage the nursing home. Legislator Busch agrees with the county executive and has voted to lease the home to USG. full letter

Albany County LDC members named

february 18, 2014

Albany County has named the members of its newly created Local Development Corporation that will run the nursing home. The LDC members include Fiscal Policy Institute Executive Director Emeritus Frank Mauro, CDPHP Medical Director of Senior Services Kirk Panneton, the Rev. Kenneth Doyle, former City of Watervliet Mayor Robert Carlson, City of Cohoes Comptroller Michael Durocher, former Albany County Department for Aging commissioner Judy Coyne and University at Albany Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy professor Kevin Bronner. The LDC is expected to determine the future of the facility.

Albany County Legislature approves LDC for ACNH

february 11, 2014

The Legislature voted Monday evening to transfer control of the county’s nursing home to a Local Development Corporation. The decision came more than a year after County Executive Dan McCoy proposed leasing it to a private company in an effort to stem an estimated $1 million loss each month. full story

Jeff BradtPresident's Blog: Year in review ...

Another hectic year for PSA in 2013

january 9, 2014

2013 was another hectic year to say the least for our PSA organization both internally at Albany County Nursing Home and on the political front county-wide. Politically, in what was a fight that began in the fall of 2012, PSA spent much of 2013 working both behind the scenes and publicly to stop the privatization of Albany County Nursing Home. Internally, 2013 ushered in a new director for our facility, an organizational anniversary milestone, and a PSA officers election. full story

PSA membership asked to complete short survey to guide upcoming contract negotiations

january 4, 2014

After many years without a new contract for the nursing home's Professional Staff Association, members are asked to complete a brief survey to help guide upcoming negotiations. Please complete the survey and return to PSA President Jeff Bradt no later than January 17. view survey (pdf)

A change in leadership: Finkelstein appointed new Albany County Nursing Home director

december 28, 2013

After a six-month hiatus without a lead administrator overseeing the facility, Albany County Nursing Home now has one. The County Legislature voted this month to hire Harvey N. Finkelstein as Director of the Albany County Department of Residential Health Care Facilities effective January 1. full story

Saratoga County nursing home Maplewood Manor sold to private company for $14.1 million

december 17, 2013

While Albany County will continue to fund its nursing home for another year as it organizes an LCD to run it, Saratoga County lawmakers agreed Monday to sell the public Maplewood Manor nursing home to a private health care company for $14.1 million. full story

County lawmakers fund nursing home for full year

december 6, 2013

County lawmakers opted to continue to fund the Albany County Nursing Home for another year when they passed the 2014 budget in a 30-7 vote Thursday night. The largest amendment made to County Executive Dan McCoy's budget proposal was funding for the nursing home. McCoy had originally proposed funding it until June 30 after coming to an agreement with county lawmakers to transfer control of the facility to a local development corporation (LDC), which has yet to be created. full story

PSA elects five officers to Executive Committee

november 22, 2013

The Albany County Nursing Home Professional Staff Association elected five officer to the Executive Committee during elections yesterday. Elected were Jeff Bradt as President, Michele Scott-Robertson as Vice President, Andy Hubalek as Secretary, Dan Shaughnessy as Treasurer, and Ashley Boyer as Representative Assembly member. The officers will begin new two-year terms on December 1. full story

County Legislator speaks out about lack on action on Albany County Nursing Home

october 29, 2013

Albany County Legislator Richard Mendick speaks out in today's Times Union blog about the lack of action regarding the nursing home including the time it's talking to form an LCD and to hire a director to run the facility. full story

Albany County Comptroller supports legislative LDC plan for nursing home operation

october 11, 2013

Comptroller Michael Conners, a maverick Democrat who has previously targeted operations at the Albany County Nursing Home, has announced his support of a legislative plan to revamp how the facility is run. Conners’ backing comes as local lawmakers are awaiting a draft of legislation that would create a local development corporation specifically designed to manage the county facility with the goal of wringing millions of dollars in savings out of the deficit plagued nursing home. full story

County Legislature has until July 1 to get nursing home LCD up and running - is this enough time?

october 9, 2013

The Albany County Legislature has until July 1 to get the nursng home off the county's books and in the hands of a Local Development Corp to run the facility or - like this year - ACNH may be subject to more county funding to keep the doors open. Whether or not that is enough time is yet to be seen and likely to be the subject of some debate this fall when lawmakers meet to discuss Dan McCoy's proposed $574 million executive budget for 2014. full story

2014 county executive budget calls for half-year nursing home funding once again

october 8, 2013

For the second straight year, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has unveiled a budget that calls for only half-year funding of the nursing home – this time until a Local Development Corp can take over operations by July 1, 2014. His proposed $574 million executive budget for next year, released on the county website, calls for spending just under $16.6 million on nursing home operations through June 30, about half of the $33.6 million adjusted budget for 2013. full story

Jeff BradtPSA President Jeff Bradt named 2013 Local Union Leader of the Year

september 12, 2013

A local union activist group has named Professional Staff Association President Jeff Bradt 2013 “Local Union Leader of the Year” for his efforts in leading the fight against the county’s proposal to privatize Albany County Nursing Home. Bradt was recognized in September by The Solidarity Committee of the Capital District at the annual New York State AFL-CIO Capital District Chapter’s Albany Labor Day Solidarity Picnic. full story

County's nursing home not alone in fiscal plight

august 20, 2013

The Albany County Nursing Home may be awash in a river of red ink, but county officials can take solace in the fact that they're not alone. Among county-owned nursing homes in New York, 92 percent outside New York City lost money in 2010 — with the median loss doubling by one measure since 2006, according to a new report from the Rochester-based Center for Governmental Research. full story

Could there be peace over the ACNH issue?

august 17, 2013

Peace might actually be breaking out between the County Executive and the Albany County Legislature over the Albany County Nursing Home. view column

PSA general membership meeting Sept. 17

august 16, 2013

The Albany County Nursing Home's Professional Staff Association (PSA) will hold a general membership meeting on Tuesday, Sepember 17, 4 p.m., in the ACNH large conference room.

McCoy taps Nassua County official to run ACNH

august 15, 2013

County Executive Dan McCoy has proposed hiring a Nassau County health care official to run the embattled Albany County Nursing Home — the same man county lawmakers have pushed McCoy to hire as a private consultant to turn the money-losing facility around. The official, Larry Slatky, currently serves as vice president of operations at NuHealth, the public benefit corporation that runs Nassau University Medical Center and A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility on Long Island. full story

mccoy arm wrestng legislatureNursing home operating losses much less than County Executive predicted, budget director admits

July 25, 2013

Dan McCoy’s director of the budget, Dave Friedfel, admitted to the Albany County Legislative Audit & Finance Committee this week that transfers from the General Fund (A Fund) to the Albany County Nursing Home Fund  (NH Fund) had not yet reached $1.8 million dollars as of July 24, 2013. This number shocked several legislators present due to claims that the facility had been costing a million dollars per month by the County Executive and his administration. full story

TU Editorial: Nursing Home battle getting old

July 24, 2013

Today's Times Union editorial says the nursing home's operational battle between the County Legislature and County Executive is getting old, and calls once again for a "credible outside analyst, preferably the state comptroller's office, to help settle this." view editorial

Proposed nursing home consultant says he can save $5 million in first six months of operation

July 23, 2013

The consultant who lawmakers want to right the money-losing county nursing home said Monday that he could likely save taxpayers $5 million in the first six months and eliminate the red ink entirely in 18. "I believe that within a year and a half the nursing home should be breaking even," said Larry Slatky, executive vice president of operations at NuHealth, the public benefit corporation that runs Nassau University Medical Center and A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility on Long Island. full story

Nursing home hosts Albany County picnic 2013

July 9, 2013

Albany County Nursing Home hosted the annual Albany County picnic in June. Nursing Home staff, residents and many of their family members were treated to an outside barbecue under large tents, live music and ice cream for dessert. Photos taken courtesy of professional photographer Erika Nusser. view a photo gallery of this event

County nursing home saga takes a new twist

July 9, 2013

After nine months of bottling up County Executive Dan McCoy's plan to privatize the county nursing home, lawmakers took concrete steps in a new direction Monday — beginning the process to form a local development corporation to manage the financially struggling facility. But while the County Legislature's Democratic leadership cast the moves as bid for compromise in the so-far snake-bitten process, McCoy blasted them for running a what he called a closed government and trying to hand a consulting contract to a favored nursing home operator. full story

Important nursing home resolutions to go before County Legislature tonight

July 8, 2013

Many Democratic legislators, led by Shawn Morse, Frank Commisso, Mike Mackey and Tom Cotrofeld, concerned about the nursing home have been working out an alternative proposal that combines private management of the facility with current staff through a series of resolutions. The decisions made tonight will decide what avenue the Legislature will recommend as the policy for Albany County and the nursing home. full story

Nursing home Executive Director Larrabee resigns

June 27, 2013

Albany County Nursing Home Executive Director Gene Larrabee has resigned. Larrabee today gave County Executive Dan McCoy his two weeks notice. He’s taking the executive director’s job at the private public Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester. full story

Another money transfer sought to keep nursing home running through August

June 27, 2013

County Executive Dan McCoy is asking lawmakers to transfer another $2.4 million to keep the Albany County Nursing Home running through the end of August as another month slips by without an agreement between the sides about the facility's future. Lawmakers, meanwhile, are quietly studying transferring control of the nursing home to a local development corporation. The Elder Care Committee, met for less than five minutes on Monday night. Afterward, Democrats convened a closed-door caucus to discuss tapping outside counsel to help them. full story

County Executive blames nursing home for making state's 'most fiscally stressed' list

June 19, 2013

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy blamed the county nursing home as the No. 1 reason the county appeared on New York State's "most fiscally stressed" municipalities list released in a report by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli this week. full story

County Legislature extends nursing home funding through July

June 12, 2013

The Albany County Legislature voted Monday night to transfer $2.2 million from a contingency account to keep the county nursing home running at least through July while legislative leaders and McCoy continue to seek common ground on the 250-bed facility's future. The two sides are locked in a stalemate over McCoy's plan to privatize the nursing home by leasing it to a downstate firm for at least 10 years.

Threatened ACNH picket roils plans for Guilderland Democratic fundraiser

May 22, 2013

A threatened union picket over the Albany County Nursing Home privatization proposal is roiling plans for the Guilderland Democratic Committee’s Thursday night fundraiser. The Capital District Area Labor Federation is helping organize the picket of the dinner because County Legislator Mary Lou B. Connolly — who has publicly said she supports County Executive Dan McCoy’s privatization plan — is scheduled to be honored. full story

Commentary: Five key players offer their thoughts on future of Albany County Nursing Home

May 19, 2013

As Albany County continues to debate the future of its nursing home, the Times Union, as part of its Sunday commentary, asked the key voices in the discussion to offer their thoughts on why the county can or cannot continue to operate the home the way it has long been run, and, if not, what their solution is. Click on the names below to view their thoughts:


McCoy makes move to keep funding nursing home

May 17, 2013

Three days after the Albany County Legislature tabled a vote on privatizing the county nursing home vote, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has sent out a request to move $2.2 million from the county’s contingency fund in the budget to meet the facility’s July payroll. full story

radio wave logoPSA hits the streets and the airwaves to stop nursing home privatization

May 15, 2013

As lawmakers continue to debate the future of Albany County Nursing Home, the Professional Staff Association, with the help of NYSUT, has spent much of 2013 actively campaigning against the privatization of the facility. This spring, PSA leadership turned up the heat by soliciting the help of the NYSUT communications team to produce and distribute community fliers/factsheets and 30-second radio ads speaking out against County Executive Dan McCoy’s plan to lease the nursing home to Upstate Services Group (USG). full story

Comptroller says sell nursing home if things don't improve financially

May 14, 2013

County Comptroller Michael Conners, long a staunch defender of the county-run nursing home, on Monday urged lawmakers to follow the lead of Saratoga County and hand control of the facility over to a local development corporation. But if the development corporation, working with a private management firm and the facility's unions, cannot reduce the annual red ink within a year or two, he said, the facility should be sold. full story

Nursing home lease vote delayed once more

May 14, 2013

The county legislature was expected to make its final vote Monday on leasing the Albany County Nursing Home to a private vendor, but that plan has been stalled once again. Instead the proposal has gone back to the committee level so they can look at the pros and cons to both sides of the argument. The PSA and nursing home families worry that privatizing the nursing home will compromise care, but County Executive Dan McCoy says the county can no longer afford to maintain the home. He says they lose a million tax payer dollars every month.

Political battle brewing over second year financing of county nursing home

May 13, 2013

As county lawmakers continued to debate what to do about the future of Albany County Nursing Home, a second political battle is brewing over whether or not funding will be available to continue operating the facility past June 30. full story

McCoy releases new numbers on nursing home losses, urges vote tonight on lease deal

May 13, 2013

County Executive Dan McCoy released new numbers on financial losses for the fiscal year at the Albany County Nursing Home and urged lawmakers to "do what's right" and vote tonight on his plan to lease the facility to Upstate Services Group. full story

national nursing home week logoNational Nursing Home Week begins -

Our 2013 theme is 'TEAM CARE: Everyone Pitches In'

May 12, 2013

Albany County Nursing Home kicked off its annual National Nursing Home Week (NNHW) celebration today, which will run May 12-17. The national theme this year is “TEAM CARES: Everyone Pitches In.” NNHW's theme recognizes residents and patients in long term and post-acute care settings, the dedicated staff who care for them, and the value of care planning where everyone "pitches in" for optimal outcomes. full story

Letter: Legislature wants what's best for county elderly

May 12, 2013

AAs an elected legislator and one who has spent more than 50 years assisting people through the grieving process, I believe our Legislature has made a good-faith effort to determine fact from fiction on the Albany County Nursing Home crisis. These years have shown me many of our senior citizens can't safely live at home with the in-home care available here. full story

Nursing home lease vote likely to be postponed Monday

May 8, 2013

Although it will appear on Monday night's legislative agenda, county lawmakers will most likely table a vote on the long debated proposal to privatize the nursing home with Upstate Services Group, the Times Union reported. The lease deal will likely be sent back for further study by the Committee on Elder Care, as some lawmakers push for a deal to high a management company to run the facility instead. full story

McCoy says alternate nursing home plan would cut 60-100 jobs

May 3, 2013

In a press released issued last night after the County Legislature met behind closed doors with two partners who want run the Albany County Nursing Home, County Executive Dan McCoy said that plan would required cutting between 60 and 100 jobs and violate the labor contract of those workers that remain. Among other things, McCoy said the two downstate partners — Martin Liebman and Lowell Feldman — would subcontract out food and laundry services. full story

County union leaders AFL-CIO join fight again nursing home privatization

May 3, 2013

The Albany County Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (ACCFL) organized union members and community allies and called upon Albany County Legislator Mary Lou Bartolotta-Connolly (D-Mckownville) to stand with them in their fight against privatization of the Albany County Nursing Home (ACNH). full story

Nursing home still a target - Lawmaker questions private firm, others seek an alternative

May 1, 2013

A Colonie legislator is calling on County Executive Dan McCoy to withdraw his plan to lease the county nursing home to a private firm after a state surveyor flagged the company earlier this year for serious violations at another facility it runs in Albany. Meanwhile, some lawmakers continue to push an alternate plan that would not require privatization and that could yet again scuttle a long-awaited vote on McCoy's proposal tentatively scheduled for May 13. full story

Nursing home lease vote may be delayed again to study management proposal instead

april 26, 2013

A May vote from the full County Legislature on a controversial proposal to lease the nursing home to Upstate Services Group may be delayed at least another month while lawmakers study a competing plan to manage the facility instead. full story

Nursing home vote could come May 13, Committee moves proposal without a recommendation

april 25, 2013

The county Audit & Finance committee voted 8-1 Wednesday to send the controversial lease deal to privatize the county-run nursing home to the full County Legislature without a recommendation. A final vote by the panel on the contentious issue is expected at its scheduled May 13 meeting. full story

New York Times: Why health care and profits don't mix

april 17, 2013

As Albany County continues to consider privatizing the nursing home thorugh a lease with profit-seeking company Upstate Services Group, the PSA offers this differing opinion from the New York Times why it won't work for the good of the residents and overall patient care. view article

County legislators comment on delay in nursing home lease vote with USG

april 9, 2013

Albany County lawmakers stated their cases Monday night on further delays of a full legislative vote on the proposal to privatize the nursing home with Upstate Services Group. The full Legislature held its monthly meeting with plenty of discussion about the lease agreement but no action. The next opportunity to consider the vote would be May 13. view full story CBS-6 news

GOP robocalls target nursing home privatization foes

april 7, 2013

A day after the County Legislature again delayed the vote on County Executive Dan McCoy’s plan to privatize the nursing, robocalls have begun hitting in four Democratic legislative districts — Joseph O’Brien of Loudonville, Tim Nichols of Latham, Alison McLean Lane of Menands and Bryan Clenahan of Guilderland - legislators who are against the lease deal. full story

Nursing home lease vote postponed another month

april 6, 2013

A vote by the full County Legislature on whether or not to privatize the nursing home through a 10-year lease with Upstate Services Group has been postponed for another month after the Legislature's Audit and Finance Committee tabled for a second time a vote that would have place the resolution on this Monday night's agenda. Members accused County Executive Dan McCoy of withholding the details of a nearly year-old alternate proposal from a pair of Bronx nursing home operators that would not require privatization. full story

Employees, families tell county lawmakers not to privatize nursing home during long, emotional hearing

april 3, 2013

More than 30 speakers paraded before the Albany County Legislature for three and a half hours Tuesday night, the majority of whom, asked, demanded and even begged lawmakers not to privatize the nursing home for the good of the residents and its dedicated workers. The evening included heartfelt emotional stories, statistics, open squabbling between lawmakers and debate about the facility's financial numbers as an overflow crowd often stood and cheered in the legislative chambers of the county courthouse in support of their cause. full story

A hard look inside the numbers: PSA audit disputes nursing home 'losses'

april 1, 2013

A comprehensive audit by the Professional Staff Association (NYSUT) of Albany County Nursing Home budgets over the last few years shows the facility is not losing as much money as county officials would like you to believe. As such, the PSA is calling on county lawmakers to do their own independent financial study and not rely on county numbers which the union believes are flawed. full story

Nursing home ideas rejected: Albany County loan plan, surprise legislator visits fail to pass committee

March 28, 2013

The county Audit and Finance Committee Wednesday night tabled a lease deal that would privatize the county-run nursing home after rejecting a pair of amendments related to the Colonie facility. A plan to offer USG a grant instead of a county loan to take over operation of the nursing home, and a call to allow legislators to make surprise visits to "check on things" both were voted down, stalling USG's proposed deal with the county once again. full story

Nursing home overtime: Staffers at Albany County facility dominate top earners

March 21, 2013

In local governments, police officers and firefighters often top the list of big overtime earners. But in Albany County, those in a different kind of uniformed service lead the way: nurses at Albany County Nursing Home. full story

Final legislative vote on nursing home privatization could come in less than three weeks

March 19, 2013

A final decision on a controversial plan to privatize Albany County Nursing Home could come in less than three weeks as the legislative committee overseeing the project voted unanimously Monday night to move the project ahead. The Legislature’s Special Committee on Elder Care passed a resolution to move the proposal out of committee and onto the legislative floor for a full vote, which could come as early as Monday, April 8. However, while committee member agreed to move the plan forward they did so without recommending to their fellow lawmakers whether or not they supported the plan. full story

Legislators to discuss fate of nursing home employees and alternatives to USG lease Monday night

March 17, 2013

Members of the Albany County Nursing Home Elder Care Committee will meet Monday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the fate of nursing home employees under a proposal lease agreement with Upstate Services Group. The committee will also talk over alternatives to privatizing the facility so the home operates with less of an annual financial loss. This latest discussion will lead to an already scheduled public comment forum set for April 2 at 6 p.m. full story

County Legislature sets April 2 public forum date on proposed nursing home privatization deal

March 14, 2013

Saying it is facing a decision that is "one of the most important and difficult in the history of Albany County," the County Legislature has set Tuesday, April 2, as the date for its own public comment forum on the proposal by County Executive Dan McCoy to privatize the nursing home with Upstate Services Group. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the legislative chambers of the Albany County Courthouse. view meeting resolution (pdf)

NYSUT-PSA membership to celebrate 10th anniversary, social planned for April 11, 4 p.m., O'Toole's

March 13, 2013

The Albany County Nursing Home Professional Staff Association (NYSUT) will celebrate its 10th anniversary as a membership this spring and is planning a social on Thursday, April 11, 4 p.m. - ?, at O'Toole's Restaurant, Kohl's Plaza, Central Avenue. Stop on by and celebrate with your co-workers. more information (pdf)

Pulse of the People: County Executive not forthcoming about ACNH 'losses'

March 13, 2013

As a member of the Legislature, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy fought to keep the nursing home open. The other Dan McCoy trying his hardest to sell the nursing home and residents down the river and give USG a lot more than $18 million dollars. He stated to legislators there were no other bidders and no takers to the proposal of a private management team. That is not the case. Lies or did he just forget? The numbers reported on the losses at the nursing keep changing. full story

Continued push to privatize ACNH highlights McCoy's second 'State of the County' address

March 12, 2013

County Executive Dan McCoy said Monday that the county will be able to hit the state's 2 percent cap on property tax growth by 2015 barring new unfunded state mandates, natural disasters and if lawmakers back his plan to privatize the county nursing home. The county has failed meet the cap in both years since it passed, and McCoy has suggested the county may never get there if the County Legislature doesn't embrace his controversial plan to lease the 250-bed nursing home to a private firm, Upstate Service Group, for at least 10 years. full story

Future of ACNH discussed at county public hearing

March 8, 2013

Nearly 100 people attended a public hearing held Thursday afternoon regarding the proposed $400,000 per year lease of the Albany County Nursing Home by the United Services Group. Speakers included those with parents in the nursing home, employees of other facilities run locally by the United Services Group, and people speaking on behalf of employees at the county-run facility who are worried that their benefits and pay will decrease with the change. full story

Letter: Don't dismiss those in nursing home

March 3, 2013

As a member of the Albany County Legislature, County Executive Dan McCoy fought to keep the Albany County Nursing Home open. Fast forward a couple of years and Mr. McCoy is not forthcoming in his dealings with the Legislature, the Family Council or the taxpayers. full story

Words continue to fly over proposed nursing home deal

March 1, 2013

Well, if you were hoping that the relationship between the County Legislature and County Executive Dan McCoy’s office would improve after this week’s low point in the wrangling over the future of the county nursing home, you were wrong. So, so wrong. full story

County Executive schedules public hearings on nursing home to explain USG proposal

february 28, 2013

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy claims the nursing home is losing a million dollars per month so he is preparing for a new round of public hearings on the issue. The first of several new public meetings will be held March 7th at 4 p.m. at the County Building, 112 State St.

Families continue to defend nursing home care

february 28, 2013

June Maniscalco told New Channel 13 yesterday that the care her mother-in-law is getting at the Albany County Nursing home is priceless. She's worried that will change if the 250 facility is privatized, even after hearing the county's disputed claims that taxpayers are losing a million dollars a month to operate. view full report

Employee contracts may be deciding factor in nursing home privatization deal

february 27, 2013

The fate of the nursing home’s county work force, including the 80 or so members of the Professional Staff Association, may ultimately be the deciding factor whether or not lawmakers approve a controversial plan to lease the home to Upstate Services Group for the next 10 years or more. full story

Albany County Nursing Home lease agreement drafted; county legislature approval needed

february 25, 2013

A $400,000 per year lease agreement has been drafted for the Albany County Nursing Home and is all but finalized, only requiring approval by the county legislature, County Executive Dan McCoy said Monday. But multiple county legislators are still interested in keeping the 250-bed facility county-run. full story

Legislature's Elder Care Committee again tables vote on nursing home lease with USG

february 25, 2013

For the second straight month, the Albany County Legislature's Elder Care Committee tabled a vote on County Executive Dan McCoy's proposal to lease the nursing home to Upstate Services Group. At its monthly committee meeting tonight, the group agreed to table the vote and instead spent the meeting grilling the county attorney and special consultant Peter Millock about the deal. Tonight's action means there will be no vote on the lease agreement at next month's (March 11) full meeting of the County Legislature. Stay tuned for more information.

County Executive says he won't block sale of equipment in nursing home lease deal

february 22, 2013

In a letter to legislative leaders and Clerk of the Legislature, Paul Devane, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy says he won't veto a resolution passed by lawmakers earlier this month calling for the sale of all nursing home equipment in any lease deal with Upstate Services Group. In fact, McCoy said, "I had already begun the task of assessing the value of equipment at the nursing home, which ordinarily occurs prior to a transfer as substantial as this." view full letter

McCoy vetoes Legislature's call for new nursing home consultant to study proposed lease agreement

february 20, 2013

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has vetoed the legislature's move to hire an outside consultant to vet his proposed privatization of the county-run nursing home, calling further delay "unacceptable." McCoy's veto message calls the goals of the resolution unclear and the issue of the nursing home's finances "ground well-traveled." full story

County executive bemoans lack of action from Legislature on nursing home lease

february 19, 2013

Debate within the Albany County Legislature on the future of the Albany County Nursing Home seems to be slowing down, and that has Albany County Executive Dan McCoy frustrated. full story

Executive defends USG privatization deal with special section on county website

february 16, 2013

County Executive Dan McCoy and his staff have gone on the offensive recently launching a special section on his website with information in support of the nursing home privatization deal with Upstate Services Group. "This process has been open and transparent," McCoy said on the USG lease agreement introduction page. "We will be posting online all kinds of information about the process that will be continually updated." view McCoy's special web section

Pulse of the People: Getting the nursing home right, county legislative leaders react to McCoy

february 16, 2013

In regards to the county executive’s lease agreement with Upstate Services Group to operate Albany County Nursing Home, a lot is still uncertain, many questions are still unanswered and no final lease has been presented to the legislature. Negotiations of this magnitude should contain transparency and accountability that involve the legislative body and public input. In order to “do what is right,” it is essential that the County Executive’s Office cooperate with the Legislature. full story

Will Dan McCoy veto the legislature’s nursing home consultant?

february 14, 2013

The Albany County Legislature passed a resolution Monday night calling on the county to hire an outside consultant to review the controversial deal to privatize the county-run nursing home — a move condemned as a stall tactic by County Executive Dan McCoy and the minority Republicans. The measure passed 19-17, with proponents arguing the legislature is at “a distinct disadvantage” in vetting the proposed 10-year lease with Upstate Service Group because of the technical details involved. full story

McCoy: Don't drag out fight over nursing home

february 14, 2013

Patience is fraying in the tug of war between County Executive Dan McCoy and lawmakers over the privatization of the county nursing home. A day after the County Legislature passed legislation calling for an outside expert to review the proposed 10-year lease with private firm Upstate Service Group, McCoy accused lawmakers of dragging their feet. full story

Albany County legislators pass pair of measures to protect nursing home's equipment

february 13, 2013

A controversial plan to lease a county nursing home to a private operator faces two new obstacles as skeptical county lawmakers passed legislation mandating that the company seeking to run the facility would have to purchase all of the equipment currently onsite. full story

Albany County Nursing Home’s residents and employees face an uncertain future

february 9, 2013

“Shake it, don’t break it,” says Hannah to the people she passes as she is wheeled through the hallways of the Albany County Nursing Home. As she, wheelchair-bound, travels across the threshold of the common room, a staff member calls to her, “Hey, Hannah, look! I’m shakin’ it.” full story

Email purchase offer made for nursing home, county fails to respond to offer

february 8, 2013

At least one other potential bidder for the Albany County Nursing Home has emerged. Last month, a director at two local nursing facilities owned by a Rockland County resident, Bent Philipson, emailed County Executive Dan McCoy to notify him of Philipson's interest in buying the county-owned home. full story

Dan McCoy Troy Record column: Do what is right with the nursing home

february 5, 2013

As the Albany County Legislature begins its deliberations on the lease agreement between the county and the Upstate Services Group for the operation of the county Nursing Home, I wanted to provide some detail on what my office is doing to bring all the facts to light when it comes to the nursing home. full column

Lawmakers grill USG/county officials over Albany County Nursing Home takeover proposal

january 25, 2013

Lawmakers spent more than two hours Thursday grilling county officials and representatives from Upstate Services Group on USG's proposal to take over operations of Albany County Nursing Home. full story

Letter: Is USG proposal best for county nursing home?

january 22, 2013

I continue to question the proposed deal between Upstate Services Group and Albany County concerning the privatization of the Albany County Nursing Home. I believe our resident's quality of care and employees' jobs and work conditions are in jeopardy. full story

Times Union: Second opinion needed on the Albany County Nursing Home privatization deal

january 18, 2013

The deal on the table to privatize Albany County's nursing home sounds awfully good, even almost too good to be true. And so, as the old consumer warning goes, it's fair to wonder if it is. We suggest the county follow some classic medical advice when it comes to such a major health care decision: Get a second opinion. Ask a neutral third party, like the Office of the State Comptroller, to review this idea. full story

Study shows staffing and poor quality of care at nation’s for-profit nursing homes

january 12, 2013

As Albany County continues to consider turning over operation of the nursing home to a private operator Upstate Services Group, a study has revealed that the nation’s largest for-profit nursing homes deliver significantly lower quality of care because they typically have fewer staff nurses than non-profit and government-owned nursing homes. full story

We're not alone: Nurses organizing to fight privatization of nursing home in Chemung County

january 9, 2013

While the Professional Staff Association continues to lead the fight against privatizing Albany County Nursing Home, nurses in Chemung County are organizing to do the same at their facility. full story

County releases contract details with USG for privitization of nursing home

january 7, 2013

Albany County has released full contract details for turning over operation of the nursing home to Upstate Services Group. The Legislature will consider the contract proposal in upcoming weeks. view contract details

County reaches agreement with USG on take over of nursing home, PSA status remains up in the air

january 6, 2013

The county has released terms of its contract to privatize Albany County Nursing Home, with the hopes of turning over operations to Upstate Services Group by July 1. County lawmakers will debate the proposed agreement in coming weeks and have final say on what direction the county will go in. Meahwhile, according to the Times Union, while the pact would require USG to recognize and negotiate with ACNH bargaining unit 1199 SEIU, it makes no mention of the PSA's status. full story

Albany County plan to establish entity to lend $12M could help address privatization concerns about ACNH

january 3, 2013

County officials are proposing the creation of local development corporation to oversee a $12 million loan to the private firm that wants to lease the county nursing home in a bid to quell concerns about the deal, a person familiar with the plan said. The phased loan would still be financed by the county, which would borrow the money and then transfer it to the newly created LDC, said the person, who declined to be identified by name because the final terms of the proposed contract with the firm, Upstate Services Group, have not yet been publicly announced. full story

Maria OefflerPSA makes holidays brighter for ACNH residents, donates money for Christmas gifts

december 23, 2012

This holiday season was made a little brighter for residents of Albany County Nursing Home thanks to the generosity of members of the Professional Staff Association. In what has become a tradition this time of year, the PSA once again donated $1,000 towards the purchase of gifts for residents — many of whom are alone for the holidays and may do without — so they too would find something nice under the Christmas tree. full story

Letter: Can't county find other areas to trim?

december 21, 2012

The Albany County Legislature and County Executive Dan McCoy can't decide whether to keep the Albany County Nursing Home or privatize it. I'm still amazed that the County Legislature can't find other areas to trim. Is it politics or interest? full letter

McCoy decides not to veto 2013 county budget changes but still calls for privatization of nursing home

december 12, 2012

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy said Wednesday he won’t veto any of the legislature’s changes to his budget but said he believes the cuts lawmakers made to trim the tax increase to 7.6 percent won’t be enough absent approval of his plan to privatize the county nursing home. Today was McCoy’s last day to strike down any of the legislature’s increases to his budget, which was approved Dec. 3,  but he said “a veto would only make our ability to operate more difficult and would not achieve a more responsible budget.” full story

After the 2013 budget vote: PSA continues to dedicate efforts to fight privatization of nursing home

december 7, 2012

With full-year funding of Albany County Nursing Home all but secured in the 2013 county budget, the leadership of the Professional Staff Association can now devote its full attention to working with lawmakers in the coming months to thwart plans to privatize the facility. “It’s been a long budget process and we want to thank the majority of our representatives for supporting the nursing home in 2013,” said PSA President Jeff Bradt. “But there's more work to be done. Now we must continue our fight to keep ACNH a county-run facility for the good of the residents and the people who serve them.” full story

County Executive comments on legislative budget action, calls for continued privatization of nursing home

december 3, 2012

Following the Albany County Legislature's approval of the 2013 budget Monday night, County Executive Dan McCoy posted the following statement on his county Facebook page: When I released my proposed budget for 2013, I did so having given great thought to not only the implications it would have for next year, but the coming years as well. To bring Albany County to a point of fiscal stability and prospective financial health, it is incumbent for the legislature to take up my proposal on the Albany County Nursing Home. While I commend them for taking a responsible and contemplative approach to the budget they passed, I do not feel that it will pass muster in the coming months absent definitive action on ACNH.  We need to protect our seniors as well as the taxpayers and accept financial responsibility by finalizing negotiations to privatize the nursing home.

County Legislature approves 2013 budget, full-year funding of nursing home

december 3, 2012

The Albany County Legislature approved the 2013 county budget tonight by a voted of 28-11, and with it, funding of the nursing home for another year. But despite the funding, the future of the nursing home is still undecided as the county continues to negotiate with a private company that could at some point take over operation of the facility if lawmakers approve it. The Legislature also voted 27-12 Monday night to override the state's 2 percent tax levy cap, clearing the way for budget approval. The Legislature needed a supermajority of 24 votes (out of a possible 39) to override the tax cap. The budget, which carries a 7.6 percent county property tax increase, will now be sent to County Executive Dan McCoy for his signature. McCoy has not said if he will sign it or not. full story

Legislator proposes public referedum to decide fate of Albany County Nursing Home

december 2, 2012

A day before county lawmakers are to vote on the 2013 budget and funding for the Albany County Nursing Home, a veteran legislator has put forward an idea that would send the issue straight to the voters, the Troy Record reported Sunday. Saying the future of the nursing home is the type of issue that lends itself to direct public involvement, County Legislator Gil Ethier, D-Cohoes, is proposing that the status of the facility remain unchanged until a countywide referendum can be arranged. full story

Lawmakers move second half year funding of nursing home into contingency fund to stop budget veto

November 30, 2012

Albany County lawmakers have agreed to move the second half year funding for the nursing home into a contingency fund to hopefully avert a veto of the 2013 budget by County Executive Dan McCoy, the Times Union reported. full story

County lawmakers to decide fate of budget, nursing home funding Monday night; final budget hearing held

November 28, 2012

Albany County lawmakers will hold a special meeting Monday night (Dec. 3) to decide the fate of the 2013 budget, and with it, full year funding of the nursing home as the county continues to negotiate a deal to privatize the facility. The meeting will be held following a 6:30 p.m. public forum in the legislative chambers of the Albany County Courthouse. full story

CBS 6 News: Albany County residents speak out on budget and against privatizing nursing home

November 28, 2012

Residents continued to speak out Tuesday night about County Executive Dan McCoy's plans to privatiize the nursing home, including PSA President Jeff Bradt. “Albany County Nursing Home is a viable operation for people in our community who need our resources," Bradt said. "The only way we're going to succeed is if it becomes a group effort. Our group, which we have sent a copy to the legislators, has a report on how we feel we can do some things that could decrease losses and increase our revenues at the nursing home.” full story

Troy Record: Albany County Executive, legislators still at odds over nursing home's future

November 28, 2012

The future of Albany County’s nursing home was discussed behind closed doors on Monday night as county lawmakers were given a private briefing on the status of contract negotiations designed to bring in a private operator to run the facility. It was hoped that the closed door talks would heal the growing rift between County Executive Dan McCoy and county lawmakers over his proposed $568 million annual budget. It may take days before it is clear whether the executive session of the Legislature’s Audit and Finance Committee succeeded in bringing both sides closer together and it comes as lawmakers face tough decisions with a looming Dec. 8 deadline for budget passage. full story

Large crowd expected tonight for final public hearing on 2013 Albany County budget

November 27, 2012

An overflow crowd is once again expected to pack the legislative chambers of the Albany County Courthouse tonight as lawmakers hold the second and final public hearing on the proposed 2013 county budget. The hearing will be held at 7:15 p.m. At stake is the future of Albany County Nursing Home, and whether or not a private company will take over operation of the facility beginning July 1. While lawmakers have added full-year funding for the nursing home back into budget for next year, several obstacles still stand in the way. full story

McCoy could veto budget: Albany County executive wants money restored in nursing home lease deal

November 25, 2012

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy is threatening to veto lawmakers' proposed 2013 budget if they do not restore $2 million that is part of a proposed deal to lease the county nursing home to a private firm. The budget changes approved by the legislature's powerful Audit and Finance Committee on Monday, McCoy says, will force him to shut down talks with the firm, Upstate Services Group, and hurt taxpayers over the long term. full story

TU Local Politics Blog: Have a closer look at the Albany County Legislature's budget plan

November 21, 2012

As was reported by the Times Union yesterday (see story below), the Albany County Legislature’s budget counterproposal to County Executive Dan McCoy restores full funding for the county-run nursing home, a point of contention between the two branches of government. The 17-pages of changes were obtained by the Times Union. Among them are the across-the-board removal by the legislature of new positions and salary line increases proposed in McCoy’s budget. A public hearing on the legislature’s plan is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27, 7:15 p.m., Albany County Courthouse. full story

County lawmakers, lukewarm on privatization idea, vote to restore full nursing home funding for 2013

November 20, 2012

With the county still in talks with the private firm that wants to lease its nursing home, lawmakers on Monday moved to restore enough cash to County Executive Dan McCoy's budget to fund the facility for all of 2013. The move, short of an outright rejection of McCoy's privatization plan, marks the County Legislature's first formal response to McCoy's proposed $568 million budget, which centers on the emotional nursing home issue. full story

Jeff BradtPSA presents county lawmakers with cost-savings, revenue-generating ideas for Albany County Nursing Home

November 19, 2012

Much has happened since Albany County Executive Dan McCoy surprised all of us in October with his idea to privatize the nursing home as part of his 2013 budget proposal and in his words, save county taxpayers millions of dollars over the next 10 years. Upon hearing the news, this PSA group, concerned for the future of the residents and our own futures as county employees, came together immediately in the large conference room to brainstorm ways to fight this decision. full story

Privatization agreement with USG would include $3 million in nursing home repairs/$12 million loan

November 16, 2012

Albany County would finance $3 million in immediate repairs to the nursing home including a new boiler and roof as part of a privatization agreement with Upstate Services Group, county legislators were told in a memo this week. The agreement would also include a $12 million low interest county loan to USG. The final agreement is still being worked out and it would have to be approved by the full county Legislature. view the full memo (pdf)

$12 million county loan to USG part of Albany County Nursing Home privatization deal

November 13, 2012

A little-discussed element of the negotiations between Albany County and the private company angling to take over its nursing home focuses on a $12 million loan from the county to the firm, according to several officials briefed on a version of the proposal. full story

County legislators question half-year funding of nursing home without privatization contract

November 11, 2012

The proposed half-year funding of Albany County Nursing Home in 2013 so the county can turn over operations to a private company on July 1 drew criticism from county lawmakers Friday night (November 9) as they questioned how they could move forward on approving a budget without a contract in place. full story

Conners' Blog: 2013 county budget and Albany County Nursing Home update

November 3, 2012

Last night the Albany County Audit & Finance Committee (A&F) began grappling with the Proposed 2013 County Budget and the two largest issues disposal of the County Nursing Home and institution of 8.9% tax increase due to New York State unfunded mandate increases. The largest single decision facing the County Legislature is the Executive’s proposal to dispose of the Albany County Nursing Home to a proprietary nursing home operator who is snapping up County owned facilities, the Upstate Services Group. That proposal has yet to be shared with the legislature or the public. full story

Happy Birthday PSA website: Nearly 1,800 people log on during first year of operation

November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Albany County Nursing Home Professional Staff Association website – – which celebrates its first birthday today. Nearly 1,800 people visited this website during its first year of operation. full story

Haunted House'Welcome to the Netherworld' theme of this year's PSA-sponsored Halloween Haunted House at ACNH

October 31, 2012

The Albany County Nursing Home hosted its annual Halloween Haunted House in October with the help of the Professional Staff Association, whose members were involved in the set up, dress up and operation of the ghoulish props and skits. The theme this year was "Welcome to the Netherworld" as ACNH residents and families passed cautiously through the dark halls and crevasses of the nursing home basement trying to avoid the ghosts and goblns. view a photo gallery of this event

Letter: Privatized care will place elderly in peril

October 30, 2012

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates are falling. Projections of residents to nursing homes are increasing. New York nursing homes, such as in Albany ("Nursing home model touted," Oct. 12), Orange County, my own Otsego County and others, are considering privatization. Yet, according to university studies, a direct correlation exists between privatization and poor care. The poor care is reflected by an increase in bedsores, falls, poor nutrition and other ways. full letter

Online petition drive underway to stop Albany County Nursing Home for privatizing

October 27, 2012

Citizens opposed to the privatization of Albany County Nursing Home have begun an online petition drive to keep this from happening. Their goal is to obtain at least 1,000 signatures and present them to Albany County legislators, who will have the final say on the matter. As part of his 2013 budget proposal, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy proposed turning over operation of the nursing home to a private company - Upstate Services Group - to save the county money. Many residents and nursing home employees opposed this move at the Legislature's first budget hearing on October 23. Sign the petition and/or comment on the proposal

Conners: Was the Certificate of Need for Albany County’s new nursing home sabotaged?

October 25, 2012

There has been much noise and spin about Albany County’s effort to build a new nursing home. Several County Legislators have been complaining the the previous administration sabotaged the application and after finally getting a copy of our County’s Certificate of Need(CON) filed November 15, 2010 with the New York State Department of Health, I believe they are correct. full story

Jeff Bradt address the county legislaturePrivatizing Albany County Nursing Home a bad idea for residents, lawmakers told

October 23, 2012

Albany County lawmakers should be “very concerned about the residents” should a private health care provider be allowed to take over operation of Albany County Nursing Home, was the message they heard Tuesday night (October 23). “It only took Mr. (Albany County Executive Dan) McCoy a few short months to forget what the purpose of county government is,” said ACNH Food Services Director and Professional Staff Association President Jeff Bradt. full story

Times Union Sunday Commentary: McCoy says 'tough decisions have to be made' about nursing home

October 14, 2012

"Tough decisions have to be made" regarding Albany County Nursing Home, County Executive Dan McCoy wrote in this Sunday's Times Union commentary. Balancing personal beliefs, experiences and opinions with the need to serve the greater good is the challenge that elected officials face. Closing the Albany County Nursing Home does not make sense to me. Operating at a $9 million annual loss does not make sense. Building a new nursing home that is projected to lose millions does not make sense, either. We are glad to have found an operator with particular expertise running and turning around facilities that have financial troubles. full story

Editorial: Times Union weighs in on McCoy proposal to privatize Albany County Nursing Home

October 12, 2012

As for Mr. McCoy’s proposal to privatize the nursing home — and, by his estimate, turn what’s now a deficit of up to $9 million in the home’s annual operation into a $70 million savings over 10 years — it’s certainly worth a close look. By close, we mean a more rigorous analysis than what county lawmakers gave their plan to build a whole new facility. When the county’s own numbers showed a new facility would lose even more money, lawmakers conveniently declared the numbers to be wrong. Not unlike the way they simply cooked the current year’s budget to get the tax hike down to more palatable single digits — only to find midyear that they were off by millions. The county’s residents, and most especially its most frail, vulnerable citizens, need a sound plan, not a wing and a prayer.

Proposed new nursing home operator says it will continue tradition of serving hard-to-place residents

October 12, 2012

The company that hopes to run Albany County Nursing Home says it will continue the tradition of serving the county's poor and hard-to-place residents. "We can demonstrate that we can make it work," said David Camerota, a partner with Upstate Services Group who cited the company's leadership at a troubled Syracuse nursing home. Meanwhile yesterday, the state Public Health and Health Planning Council - as expected - rejected long awaited plans to construction a new 200-bed county nursing home. full story

Dan McCoyMcCoy proposes turning over operation of nursing home to private health care provider

October 10, 2012

Albany County has an agreement in place to turn over operation of Albany County Nursing Home by July 1 to a private health care provider, County Executive Dan McCoy announced this morning. As part of his 2013 executive budget released today, McCoy said there is a letter of intent in place to transfer operation of the nursing home during the second half of the fiscal year to Upstate Services Group, which currently operates Hudson Park in the City of Albany as well as 10 other skilled nursing facilities around the state. The transfer will require the approval and partnership of the County Legislature, as well as New York State Department of Health. full story

County Legislators talk about scaling back proposal for new Albany County Nursing Home

October 8, 2012

As the clock ticks towards Thursday's meeting in which state health officials are likely to render their final decision on building a new Albany County Nursing Home, County Legislators are considering looking into plans to submit a new proposal that would drastically cut the operating budget of a new facility. full story

Father Anthony NicklasPastoral Care: Bringing spiritual enrichment to residents of Albany County Nursing Home

October 3, 2012

Meet Father Anthony Nicklas, Director of Pastoral Care Services at Albany County Nursing Home. It’s a department rarely thought about among the larger services a nursing home provides but one that is critical in meeting the needs of residents. In essence, the Pastoral Care Department provides regularly scheduled services and programs designed to enrich and support the spiritual lives of the residents and families, and individual pastoral counsel to those who desire it. Recently Father Anthony sat down for an interview and shared some of his insights into the Pastoral Care offerings at Albany County Nursing Home and what the program means to the residents. Here’s what he had to say: full story

Public policy considerations on why Albany County should have a nursing home

september 30, 2012

Missing from the many stories, letters to the editor and a sub committee of NYS Department of Health (DOH) Public Health and Health Planning Council hearing report, are a few basic public policy issues that are the elephant in the room of this public policy debate. Simply put, we have a Constitutional obligation and a moral debt to the medically frail residents and future residents of our Nursing Home to operate the facility successfully. We have a duty to our taxpayers to operate more effectively. full story

Letter: Don't throw in the towel yet on nursing home

september 26, 2012

When the private industry finds a project or service no longer fiscally viable, the government takes over in situations of social need or infrastructure importance. When government deems a project or service no longer feasible due to costs or political pressure, the people ultimately lose. The situation surrounding the Albany County Nursing Home is exactly that. full letter

Letter from County Executive to Times Union: Nursing home needs care

september 25, 2012

Deciding the fate of the Albany County Nursing Home is likely the most difficult decision that I will face as an elected official. It's a decision that is not to be taken lightly and one that requires full exploration of all options. The County Legislature and I need to make the right decision — one that upholds our moral and ethical responsibility to our seniors and is financially sound for Albany County. full letter

New county nursing home's future likely to be officially decided next month, McCoy weighs in

september 21, 2012

Two more steps remain in deciding the fate of a new nursing home for Albany County. The state Public Health and Health Planning Council will meet to make its decision on October 11 based on the subcommittee's recommendation not to build. The Commissioner of Health is expected to make a final decision a couple weeks after the council meeting, explained Peter Constantakes, spokesman for the DOH. “The Public Health and Health Planning Committee and the commissioner generally go along with the prior recommendation ... though there are exceptions,” he said. In the meantime, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy has released this statement: “My support for our senior citizens in Albany County has not and will never waiver. We are investing tens of millions of dollars to care for our seniors at the Albany County Nursing Home. 225 residents currently live there. There are 45,000 senior citizens in Albany County. A new nursing home does present a huge financial investment at a time when we must make a decision that is fiscally responsible. I have presented several options to county lawmakers and hope to achieve a partnership with them as a decision must be made with the 2013 budget.”

State health panel passes on new county nursing home

september 20, 2012

A state panel on Thursday backed the Health Department's recommendation to reject Albany County's bid to build a new 200-bed facility off Albany Shaker Road, all but sealing the long-debated project's fate. The vote by a subcommittee of the state's Public Health and Health Planning Council, meeting in New York City, came despite a plea from County Executive Dan McCoy's office for more time to study other options — including a partnership between taxpayers and an outside company. full story

Albany County's top lawmaker says he won't take no for an answer on county nursing home care

september 19, 2012

Albany County Legislative Chairman Shawn Morse says he won't take no for an answer when it comes to building a new Albany County Nursing Home, telling WNYT News Channel 13 the county has a moral obligation to provide nursing home services to its "most vulnerable" residents. This react came following Monday's report that the state Department of Health is recommending that the county's controversial and long-stalled application to build a new 200-bed nursing home be denied citing the failure to answer questions about the costs. view news story

State recommends rejection of plans to build new Albany County Nursing Home

september 17, 2012

The state Department of Health is recommending that the county's controversial and long-stalled application to build a new 200-bed nursing home be denied citing the failure to answer questions about the costs, according documents that have been sent to the state panel that regulates construction. The "disapproval" recommendation comes despite amended budget figures that project the annual operating loss at the facility would be about $24.2 million — about $2.3 million less than earlier estimates. full story

County Legislature sets public hearing dates on budget

september 12, 2012

While residents anxiously await for Albany County Executive Dan McCoy to release his new county budget and see what's in store this time financially for the Albany County Nursing Home, county lawmakers Monday night set its public hearing dates on the 2013 county spending plan. The first public hearing will be held at 7:15 p.m., Tuesday, October 23, followed by the "additions and deletions" budget session at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday, November 27. Mark your calendars!

Anut Anna and AngelineAlbany County Nursing Home gives 'second mom' a second chance

september 5, 2012

The day Angeline Villano’s Aunt Anna was finally admitted to Albany County Nursing Home was the first time the Mechanicville woman slept in nine months. What was supposed to be a temporary placement at a nursing home in Massachusetts for a rehab stint turned into a never-ending saga in which she says her aunt was wrongly medicated by doctors, strapped into a wheelchair and ignored by staff, and had two suitcases of her new clothing go missing and never found again. full story

summer carnival 2012ACNH hosts summer carnival 2012

august 28, 2012

Albany County Nursing Home residents enjoyed a day-long carnival in August on the main courtyard of the facility. The event was the highlight of the summer for residents. The event emulates a traditional carnival midway with booths offering nearly 20 different games. Residents strolled down the midway and played games as varied as ring and bean bag toss, plinko, basketball, horse racing and pie throwing. Many of the games were handmade and donated by PSA staff. view a photo gallery of this event

food services'You are what you eat' are words to live by for ACNH Food Services staff

august 16, 2012

"You are what you eat," is just an old familiar adage to some people. But to the Food Services staff at Albany County Nursing Home, those are words to live by as they face the daily challenge of planning and preparing a menu that meets the various dietary and nutritional needs (not to mention taste preferences) of some 250 residents. “This is their home, so we know how important it is that residents are happy with what’s on their plates without aggravating any underlying medical conditions they may have,” said Registered Dietitian Brenda Mayette. “We’re constantly trying to marry the two and achieve that balance.” full story

Legislature approves sprinkler bids, new electronic medical records system for nursing home

august 14, 2012

County lawmakers formally approved plans for a $684,000 new sprinkler system at the county's aging nursing home Monday night, ensuring the Latham facility will meet new federal standards that take effect a year from now, even as the home's long-term future remains murky. Lawmakers also approved installation of a new $350,000 electronic medical records system at the nursing home — a system county officials say will help boost Medicaid revenue and pay for itself in two years. full story

County gets no bids to buy ACNH, one bid to manage it

august 5, 2012

Nobody bid on the county's money-losing nursing home when officials entertained offers to sell it earlier this summer — and another solicitation seeking offers from private firms to run it landed just one bite from a pair of Bronx nursing home operators. Privatizing the four-decade-old Latham facility — or outright selling it — was among the handful of options laid out by County Executive Dan McCoy after he took office in January. full story

County nursing homes face growing crisis statewide

august 3, 2012

County run nursing homes across the state face growing crises as county governments, strapped for cash, consider ending their historical role as providers of inpatient care to the elderly, National Public Radio (NPR) reports. Counties as geographically diverse as Fulton and Niagara have already sold their nursing homes, and  counties around the state including Albany, Steuben, Washington , and Chautauqua have also considered selling or closing the homes. listen to NPR report

Nursing homes on 'sick list'

august 1, 2012

The question of what to do with Albany County's creaky, costly and embattled nursing home has been in the headlines for months now, but the county is hardly alone. While deciding whether to rebuild or privatize the facility is turning out to be one of the toughest issues facing first-term County Executive Dan McCoy, more than a dozen other counties across the state are also grappling with similar questions. full story

Letter: Nursing Home must stay open

July 31, 2012

It is true the Albany County Nursing Home issue has gone on too long (Times Union article: "Albany County's costly leadership," July 26). As an advocate for the nursing home, I believe there is a need for a new building. However, if the cost is too great, then the important issue is keeping our current county-run facility operational. full story

ACNH Special Committee approves new sprinkler bid

July 24, 2012

After a two-month delay, the Albany County Legislature is moving ahead with plans to upgrade the sprinkler system at the county's nursing home. The federal mandate must be met by August 2013, but county lawmakers had hoped to stall the $684,000 investment at least until they hear from the state Department of Health on whether they will be allowed to build a new 200-bed facility. But the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency overseeing the Medicaid program on which the nursing home relies, notified U.S. Rep. Paul D. Tonko's earlier this month that no extensions would be granted, forcing the legislature to approve the contract or further risk not completing the estimated 36-week project in time.
The County Legislature's Special Committee on Elder Care approved the contract with with Condor Fire Sprinkler of Rotterdam Monday night, paving the way for a vote by the full legislature next month. full story

Zayas familySaturday's special for the Zayas family:

Albany County Nursing Home gives new life to mother and grandmother

July 19, 2012

Steven Zayas excuses himself from the lobby of Albany County Nursing Home to go get his mother Mandy from her upstairs room. It’s Saturday morning, the day the family routinely picks her up for a day with the grandchildren at their home in Delmar. The large family SUV is parked outside while mother-in-law Michele watches the children, Steven, 16, Samantha, 14 and Sabrina, 10, surf their cell phones anxiously waiting for grandma to come down. full story

VA hospitalACNH partners with Albany VA Hospital to meet needs of war veterans

july 5, 2012

As U.S. troops return home by the thousands from Iraq and Afghanistan, medical and long-term caregivers like Albany County Nursing Home are just now beginning to see the dramatic physical and psychological effects the recent wars have had on our veterans. Faced with what’s to come in terms of long-term care needs for local veterans from these wars and wars past, Albany County Nursing Home has become an important partner with the Stratton Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Albany in meeting veterans’ needs. full story

Tonko steps in on ACNH sprinkler issue

june 25, 2012

Congressman Paul D. Tonko has intervened on behalf of Albany County in an attempt to delay a federal mandate to upgrade the sprinkler system in the county's aging nursing home while county lawmakers hold out hope the state will still grant them permission to build a new one. full story

county picnickersACNH hosts annual Albany County picnic

june 22, 2012

Albany County Nursing Home hosted the annual Albany County picnic in June. Nursing Home staff, residents and many of their family members were treated to an outside barbecue under large tents, live music and ice cream for dessert to cool off on a hot day. Several county officials including Albany County Executive Dan McCoy and County Legislators stopped by as well. view a photo gallery

14 County unions put on notice of possible layoffs

june 12, 2012

The Professional Staff Association at Albany County Nursing Home was not the only bargaining group put on notice of possible layoffs in coming months. A total of 14 unions working for the county were given the same news this week. The notices, which are required by the collective bargaining agreements with the unions, came less than six months into County Executive Dan McCoy's first term. McCoy has warned that layoffs may be in the offing if the county’s finances do not improve. The alert does not mean layoffs will happen, but it effectively puts the unions on notice that it’s an option. View nursing home letter (pdf)

Gary DomalewiczFeaturing our County Legislators: Meet Gary Domalewicz, Chairman of the Special Facilities Committee on ACNH and a long-time nursing home advocate

june 8, 2012

From time to time, will feature an Albany County legislator who has been supportive of Albany County Nursing Home and understands the importance of building a new home for county residents. Today we interview Gary Domalewicz, who represents the 10th Legislative District. Domalewicz has been a legislator since 1993, and is the Chairman of the Special Facilities Committee on the Albany County Nursing Home. Domalewitz believes a new Albany County Nursing Home will be approved by the NYS Health Department soon and built for much less than the $70 million estimate being made today. He also assures readers that Albany County Nursing Home will never close because it is too important for the needy and elderly of the county. Read the full interview

National Nursing Home Week logoACNH holds successful National Nursing Home Week celebration

may 24, 2012

Albany County Nursing Home hosted a successful National Nursing Home Week (NNHW), celebration May 13-19. The theme this year was “Around the World in Seven Days” — a series of events designed to celebrate the lives and relationships of residents, their families and staff. Full story or view a photo gallery

County Legislature's Special Facilities Committee on ACNH delays action on sprinkler system upgrades

may 23, 2012

Lawmakers in charge of overseeing construction plans for a new Albany County Nursing Home delayed action this week on approving bids for upgrading the facility’s sprinkler system saying it could be a “waste” of taxpayer money if a new nursing home is built. full story

New Schenectady County Nursing Home bids come in $6 million under budget, construction to begin soon

may 22, 2012

As Albany County continues to wait for state approval for a new nursing home, construction will start on the new Schenectady County-run Glendale nursing home in the next few weeks, after the Schenectady County Legislature Monday night made its last crucial vote and approved $35 million in bids on the project. The project came in $6 million under budget. full story

BuschBusch appointed to Legislature's Special Facilities Committee on ACNH

may 16, 2012

The Albany County Legislature appointed Knox Republican Deborah Busch Monday night to serve on the Special Facilities Committee for Albany County Nursing Home. She replaces Christine Benedict. Busch is employed by Albany Medical Center where she has held the position of Registered Nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, Neurological Intensive Care Unit and currently the Nurse Manager in charge of the E-3 Medical-Surgical Unit. The nine-member committee (made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans) was established by the Legislature in 2007 "to exercise legislative oversight for all issues relative to the planning and construction of a new Albany County Nursing Home."

shawn morrisACNH supporter, Morse, running against Neil Breslin for NYS Senate

may 4, 2012

Albany County Legislature Chairman Shawn Morse launched his primary campaign Wednesday to unseat eight-term incumbent Democrat Neil Breslin in the New York State Senate. As a member of the county legislature, Morse fought Michael Breslin (Neil's brother) over the county budget and to stop the closure of the Albany County Nursing Home -- battles Morse cited Wednesday in his speech. His announcement officially sparks what some believe will be one of the most sharply contested elections this year and underscored the new alliances that have formed in the county's Democratic Party. full story

Letter: Faces behind the Albany County Nursing Home

may 3, 2012

I get so infuriated when I read letters pertaining to the Albany County Nursing Home because the authors seem to have no compassion for the home's residents. These letter writers seem to have forgotten the residents are mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins or friends. full story

Arbor Day tree plantingGenerations come together to celebrate Arbor Day at ACNH tree planting ceremony

april 28, 2012

Different generations came together in Colonie to celebrate Arbor Day this year and help make the world a better place. Students from Colonie Central High School joined residents of the Albany County Nursing Home on April 27 to plant a tree in recognition of the national holiday. Celebrated each year on the last Friday in April, the United States declared Arbor Day a national holiday in the 1970s to celebrate the importance of trees in our community. full story

Letter: Many require county home care

april 27, 2012

Ann Brandon in her letter to the Times Union ("Fund alternatives for area seniors," April 12) advocates for home services instead of a new Albany County nursing home. We can all agree everyone who wants to stay at home should have services to help them. But many seniors cannot remain at home. full letter

RISE program exerciseRISE program lifts dementia patients, offering them creative ways to improve their thinking skills and quality of life

april 24, 2012

Mary was new to Albany County Nursing Home. Like a young child on her first day of school, she felt uncomfortable in her new surroundings. For the first time in a long time, Mary was away from her family and friends and out of her routine. She was lonely, isolated and withdrawn. Most of the time she would stay in her room, not speak with the other residents or make friends in the building. But then Mary was introduced to the RISE program and all of that has changed. full story

Nancy WellsAlbany County Nursing Home a godsend for Colonie woman with Alzheimer's

april 12, 2012

What do you do when you can no longer care for your loved one struggling with the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease and nobody in the area will offer a helping hand? For Nancy Wells and her husband Bob of Colonie, you thank God there is an Albany County Nursing Home. “I can’t imagine what we’d do without this place,” said Nancy, caregiver for an old family friend named Jean. full story

State Health again delays approval of new ACNH

april 5, 2012

A NYS health panel today once again delayed approval of the construction of a new Albany County Nursing Home, directing county officials in the process to conduct more research on the future costs of the facility and alternatives to it. The unanimous move by a committee of the Health Department's Public Health and Health Planning Council followed a failed motion to approve the $71 million project, which boosters — including the majority of the County Legislature — say is needed to care for the county's neediest and most sick. full story

Albany County Legislature Chairman Morse speaks out for new nursing home

March 28, 2012

Tom Brokaw famously proclaimed the World War II generation as “the greatest generation any society has produced." But now, that greatest generation, the generation who overcame the Depression and WWII, while still great in every sense of the word, are now among the most vulnerable in our society. And that is why I have and continue to support our Albany County Nursing Home and it’s reinvention into a new state of the art facility. full story

ACNH nurses join fight to ensure better patient care

March 25, 2012

Nurses — including those at Albany County Nursing Home — are stepping up their mission to improve working conditions and patient care. As NYSUT members, many of them attended the Professional Issues Forum on Health Care last month, and will meet with state legislators during the union's Health Care Lobby Day in May to advocate for a variety of bills. Among them is creating a safe patient handling task force that would get the state on track to address issues of moving patients with lifts, rather than manually, to protect them and staff. ACNH Quality Assurance nurse and PSA member Marianne Novak, RN, says: "It's safer for the resident and certainly safer for staff." full story

State controls nursing home's golden ticket

March 23, 2012

One of the few things not in dispute about the question of whether Albany County should build a new nursing home is that the whole issue has left the County Legislature's chairman furious with the state Health Department bureaucracy that controls the $71 million project's fate. full story

Letter: Tired of waiting for new nursing home

March 23, 2012

Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows. Yes, Albany County is getting a new nursing home. No, it's not. Yes, it is. In the meantime, the seniors of Albany County are waiting for the unexpected. full story

New county nursing home backers see less red ink

March 21, 2012

Red ink at county's proposed new 200-bed nursing home would be less than half the $26 million projected by state health officials, according to the chairman of the County Legislature. But the state Department of Health on Wednesday reiterated that its figures — which are not disputed by County Executive Dan McCoy's office — actually come from the legislature itself. The odd stalemate comes as a Health Department panel could weigh in as soon as April 5 on whether the county can proceed with its plans to build the $71 million facility and as county legislative leaders have grown publicly combative with what they say is obstructionism by a state health bureaucracy that wants to block the construction of new, public nursing homes. full story

County seeks sealed proposals from third party vendors to operate Albany County Nursing Home

March 14, 2012

Albany County made it official through a legal ad this week seeking sealed proposals from third party management firms interested in operating Albany County Nursing Home. The ad, published in The Evangelist newspaper, asks interested parties to submit Request For Proposals (RFPs) to the county Purchasing Agent by 4:30 p.m., Friday, May 24. A pre-proposal conference will be held at 10 a.m., March 22, in the Office of the County Executive, 112 State St., Albany. During his State of the County address in March, County Executive Dan McCoy proposed privatizing ACNH as an option for keeping the nursing home financially solvent for the future. Many county lawmakers have questioned privatization and renewed their support Monday for construction of a new ACNH.

Legislature backs new ACNH again, PSA tells lawmakers it has ideas for running home more cost efficiently

March 13, 2012

Albany County lawmakers once again renewed their support Monday night for building a new county nursing home, passing yet another resolution in support of new construction. The move came just days after County Executive Dan McCoy's Transition Team released a report recommending the facility be closed and the county get out of the nursing home business all together due to the facility's continued financial losses. But as it has many times before, the County Legislature vote 24-13 Monday in favor of new construction, this time passing Resolution 107 "expressing continued support for the county's Certificate of Need." full story

Mike Conners blog: Nursing Home battle looming

March 10, 2012

Read Albany County Comptroller Michael Conners last blog on what looms ahead in terms of the political debate over the future of Albany County Nursing Home. Don't forget to view the readers' comments below or be part of the conversation and write your own. full story

McCoy Transition Team releases report, recommends closing Albany County Nursing Home as 'top priority'

March 9, 2012

Following his election to office in November, new Albany County Executive Dan McCoy appointed a 2012 Transition Team made up of 50 individuals to serve on committees "that would fully review the strengths and weaknesses of governmental operations, identify opportunities to create efficiencies and locate and place the best personnel." On January 13, the Health Care and Social Services Transition Team visited Albany County Nursing Home to tour the facility, ask questions and gather information for its report. Two months later, the Transition Team released its report Thursday calling for the closing of Albany County Nursing Home as a "top priority" for the county. full story

County Executive talks about the future of Albany County Nursing Home on WAMC Radio

march 8 , 2012

Listen to Albany County Executive Dan McCoy discuss the future of Albany County Nursing Home and other county issues through an interview recorded on WAMC radio. Listen to the interview

NYS Health Department asks County for renewed commitment for construction of ACNH

march 8 , 2012

Skeptical state health officials mulling the county's bid to build a new nursing home are asking it to reaffirm its commitment to the $70 million project in light of renewed projections that it would lose $26 million a year. The Department of Health request was sent to McCoy's office in January by the division of the agency considering the county's application to build a new 200-bed facility to replace an aging 250-bed complex off Albany Shaker Road in Colonie. full story

Dan McCoyMcCoy's first State of the County address: 'Privitize Albany County Nursing Home'

march 5 , 2012

The Albany County Nursing Home could be privatized under an option presented by County Executive Dan McCoy Monday night. In his first State of the County address, McCoy asked county lawmakers to consider privitization as an alternative to keeping the nursing home financially solvent for the future. "That brings me to the toughest subject of all," McCoy said. "It’s the elephant in the room. I’m talking about the Albany County Nursing Home. It's not about what I think or how I feel. It's about what's best for everyone in Albany County." Click here to read McCoy's full State of the County address (pdf). full story

ACNH helps bring Delmar mother 'back to life'

February 27, 2012

Mandy Zayas was a Medicaid patient at high risk for falling and behavior problems. Many nursing homes in New York state won't touch such complex patients. The Zayas family convinced Albany County Nursing Home to take their mother, and the facility "brought her back to life," her daughter-in-law said. Relatives can visit and bring her to their Delmar home on weekends. full story

Dr. Andrew CoatsNursing homes owned by 'the public' provide superior care for today's residents

February 10, 2012

There's no beating around the bush with Dr. Andrew Coates about who provides the best health care for today's elderly and disabled population. Public care beats private care hands down, says the Medical Director of Albany County Nursing Home. "The building may be falling down, but the human material inside is first class all the way," he says bluntly. "Albany County residents should be extremely proud to own a facility and have a staff like this." full story

bill and grammatikiCoping with Alzheimer's Disease:

An experience a family will never forget

february 1, 2012

It’s really no different than any other experience in life. You go some place, you get good service so you keep coming back. That’s Bill Mangus’ story, anyway. When Bill was a young man his father developed Alzheimer’s disease and became one of Albany County Nursing Home’s first residents. That was back in the 1970’s, a time when no one even knew what Alzheimer’s was. full story

Lisa SeidelFrom Albany to Africa:

A jackpot of good will for Lisa Seidel

January 25, 2012

If your goal in life is to help others, I mean, REALLY help others, you could say Lisa Seidel is holding the Mega Millions ticket of good will. Simply put, why spend your time helping only a few when you can go for the jackpot? So that’s what she does both on and off the job. Not once, not twice, but three times Lisa has been part of a church mission traveling to Kenya, Africa, to help people living in absolute poverty and despair. full story

County Comptroller discusses ACNH with Times Union

January 22, 2012

Albany County Comptroller Michael Conners and his staff met with the Times Union Editorial Board last week (January 19th) to discuss the importance of the Albany County Nursing Home and proving that the bed demand far outstripped the supply. According to Conners' blog, the Editorial Board’s immediate interest was on the potential rejection of Albany County’s Certificate of Need to build a new facility. "Asked what we would do in the event of a rejection, my reply was County Executive Dan McCoy, Chairman Shawn Morse and our office would meet with Senator Breslin, and NYS Assembly Members Ronald Canestrari, Jack McEneny and Bob Reilly to challenge it," Conners said.

McCoy Transition Team tours County Nursing Home

January 13, 2012

Albany County Nursing Home rolled out the red carpet Wednesday for some elite visitors as new County Executive Dan McCoy and members of his Transition Team (pdf) stopped by for a tour of the facility. The group, members of McCoy’s Health Care and Social Services team, spent some time looking over and learning about the Rehabilitation Unit among other programs and services. full story

Jeff BradtPresident's Blog: Ringing in a New Year and looking forward to good things in 2012

January 11, 2012

As we ring in the New Year here at Albany County Nursing Home, 2011 will once again be remembered as quite an eventful 12 months for our Professional Staff Association — and a year we won’t soon forget. Politically, it was a time of great change in our county government with new leadership emerging both in the County Executive’s Office and in the County Legislature. full story

Alan FisherAlbany County Nursing Home helps three Colonie brothers keep parents together

January 3, 2012

It wouldn’t be a true Fisher family portrait without the caring staff of the Albany County Nursing Home. With three grown boys literally living all over the world, the residential care facility has been like a fourth brother to the trio, watching out and caring for their elderly parents when they could not be there over the years to do it themselves. full story

ACNH supporter Shawn Morse expected to be named new Chairman of the Albany County Legislature

December 22, 2011

Cohoes Democrat Shawn Morse, a longtime supporter of Albany County Nursing Home, is expected to be elected new Chairman of the County Legislature on January 1. He will replace Dan McCoy, who was elected County Executive in November and will assume that new post also on January 1. Morse, 44, the Legislature's Deputy Majority Leader, was the unanimous choice for the position at a caucus of Democrats Monday night. Morse has held firm on construction of a new nursing home, an issue that has divided the Legislature and outgoing County Executive Mike Breslin for several years. "I am also steadfast on seeing a new nursing home be built that will provide a state-of-the-art care facility at the most reasonable cost to the taxpayers," Morse said. full story

Maria OefflerNursing home has its very own Santa Claus

December 20, 2011

Santa Claus could learn a few things this time of year from Maria Oeffler. Most people around here know Maria as Albany County Nursing Home’s Food Service Director. But like magic each December, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Mrs. O” transforms into the spirit of Good Ole St. Nick, bearing gifts for all of the residents. Financed by the generous donations of the Professional Staff Association membership, Maria runs from store to store each holiday season comparing prices and searching out the best deals from here to the North Pole. full story

Breslin withdraws support for new county nursing home

December 16, 2011

Outgoing Albany County Executive Michael Breslin has now withdrawn his support for the construction of a new Albany County Nursing Home, vetoing a resolution (pdf) passed by county lawmakers December 5th announcing their continued support of the project. On Thursday, Breslin sent a letter to legislators notifying them he would veto the resolution and urged them "to re-evaluate and reconsider the building of a new county-operated nursing facility." Given the county's financial state, Breslin said, he doesn't see how a new facility can be built "without significant double-digit property tax increases in the coming years." He advised lawmakers to reconsider their decision to build and continue "the effort to extend long-term care alternatives in the community." The project is awaiting approval from the NYS Health Department. full story

County lawmakers override budget veto by one vote

December 14, 2011

With 26 votes needed to accomplish its goal, the Albany County Legislature voted 27-7 at a special meeting Wednesday night to override outgoing County Executive Michael Breslin's veto of the 2012 county budget lawmakers had overwhelmingly passed just nine days earlier. In one of his last acts as County Executive, Breslin vetoed the budget Monday saying "the Legislature's changes place services and fiscal stability at greater risk." But some legislators, Wednesday night, said the risk is worth taking for the taxpayer's sake, setting next year's county tax increase at 8 percent rather than the 12 percent it would have increased without the veto. "Our services are in tact, our taxpayers get a break," said Legislator Shawn Morse. "We'll just have to work harder next year to fix the problems that come along." full story

County Legislature renews support for new nursing home

December 6, 2011

The Albany County Legislature renewed its support for a new county nursing home Monday night by passing Resolution No. 508 (pdf). The resolution of support comes following a surprise move by New York State Health Officials in November to place on hold the county's request for a Certificate of Need to allow for new ACNH construction. DOH will continue to review construction plans. In the meantime, the County Legislature "declared its continued support" and directed the clerk of the Legislature to forward copies of the resolution to appropriate state officials. The Legislature also said "it is aware that patient reimbursement rates may change but believes that a new and property-run facility will be affordable." Check back for further developments on this story.

County Legislature votes to override state tap cap, approves 2012 budget with ACNH funding

December 5, 2011

The Albany County Legislature voted Monday night 29-10 to override New York State’s 2 percent tax cap imposed on municipalities by the Cuomo administration, and approved a 2012 county budget that continues to provide funding for Albany County Nursing Home and other important county services. full story

Albany County Legislature 2012 budget meeting, vote on tax cap override Monday night

December 2, 2011

The Albany County Legislature will meet on Monday night, December 5th, at 112 State St., Albany, to vote on the 2012 county budget and Local Law L to override New York State's 2 percent tax levy cap. 24 yes votes are needed to override the cap and assure funding to operate ACNH. A public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m., followed by the legislative meeting. full story

Times Union Letter to the Editor:

County needs new nursing home

December 2, 2011

The new Albany County Nursing Home with 200 beds and 50 assisted living slots will cost about $71 million. Ninety percent of that is reimbursable by federal and state governments, making Albany County's share $7 million. It is sick that Saratoga County built an animal shelter costing $5.2 million but Albany County can't build a new nursing home that will cost $7 million. full letter

Tom Rees counsels a residentSocial Services team on the frontline of helping ACNH residents and their families

December 2, 2011

Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire to help improve people’s lives. That describes the role of Albany County Nursing Home’s Department of Social Services staff to a “T.” That’s “T” as in Thomas Rees. Just listen to his story. As one of two Social Work Assistants in the department, Rees’ strong desire to help a resident and her family took him on an interesting journey this year to the small town of Berlin. full story

Nursing Home supporters speak out before county lawmakers at tax cap hearing

November 30, 2011

A familiar cry to save Albany County Nursing Home once again echoed through the hearing room at 112 State St. Tuesday night as an army of supporters paraded before the microphone to ask county lawmakers to do what they’ve done before. full story

An important message to Albany County legislators

November 25, 2011

The PSA is asking for each Albany County legislator's support on December 5th of Local Law “L”  to override the tax levy cap. As PSA members and county residents we are willing to pay higher taxes if it means keeping Albany County Nursing Home from closing. Many of our friends, neighbors and colleagues tell us they would do the same. We want you to know that we understand the extreme fiscal difficulties the county is facing today, but we truly believe the services the nursing home provides our elderly and indigent population are simply too vital to overlook. Further, we look forward to, and strongly support the construction of a new Albany County Nursing Home that would serve families for years to come in a much more cost-effective manner. So please vote YES on Local Law L, override the tax cap, and keep Albany County Nursing Home open.

NYSUT logoNYSUT features new website in December members publication

November 24, 2011

The December, 2011, issue of NYSUT United — the official publication for thousands of NYSUTmembers — featured a story on the Albany County Nursing Home Professional Staff Association's new website. Here is what they wrote: full story

County's Executive-elect says shutting county's nursing home, job cuts likely without overriding 2% limit

November 23, 2011

The closing of the nursing home and elimination of programs and layoffs are all possible if the Albany County Legislature doesn't override the state's 2 percent property tax cap. That's the threat this week from Daniel McCoy, the legislature's chairman and county executive-elect. full Times Union story

New York Daily News Opinion column calls new nursing home plan 'wasteful'

November 22, 2011

A New York Daily News Opinion column today says plans to build a new Albany County Nursing Home are "wasteful" and a "money-losing" proposition, calling on state health officials and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to block the project. full story

ACNH resident celebrates 106th birthday

November 19, 2011

A career nurse who enjoyed people and a good beer hoisted one Friday while celebrating 106 years on earth. Gertrude Willigan, a resident of the Albany County Nursing Home, was honored at a party at the facility during which the Capital Region Nurses Association gave her a certificate and County Executive Mike Breslin presented her with a proclamation. Born in Roseboom, Otsego County, on Nov. 18, 1905, in her family home, Willigan was the oldest of four daughters and the only surviving member of her family. full story

PSA officer election results are in

November 18, 2011

Voting for officers for the Professional Staff Association Executive Committee was held on Thursday, November 17th. Here are the election results. full story

State Health Department approval of new Albany County Nursing Home put on hold

November 17, 2011

In a surprise move, Albany County’s application to build a new nursing home was put on hold Thursday by New York State health officials despite a Health Department recommendation to proceed with the plan. full story

FYI: Financial troubles for nursing home neighbor

November 12, 2011

Saratoga County is proposing a 1 percent sales tax increase to 8% in hopes it will help close a $32 million budget deficit. Part of the reason is that Maplewood Manor, the county-owned nursing home, is poised for a $9.4 million revenue shortfall at the end of the year due to Medicaid reimbursement payments not coming anywhere close to what it costs to operate the facility. The county has provided $35 million in subsidies to the facility since 2004. The proposed 2012 subsidy is 45 percent higher than the one the county gave the facility at the end of 2010. full story

McCoy elected County Executive, 6 of 7 Special Nursing Home Committee Reps Re-Elected to new terms

November 8, 2011

Albany County voters went to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th, and elected Daniel McCoy as their new County Executive. McCoy, who ran unopposed, received 47,165 votes. He will replace Michael Breslin who did not run for a fifth, four-year term. In the Albany County Legislature races, 6 of 7 members of the Legislature’s Special Facilities Committee for the Albany County Nursing Home were re-elected to new terms. McCoy's seat on the committee - the 8th seat -will have to be replaced by another legislator in January when he is sworn in as County Executive. full story

Welcome to our new ACNH PSA website

November 1, 2011

Welcome to Albany County Nursing Home, the new website created by and for the nursing home’s Professional Staff Association (NYSUT). The acronym C.A.R.E.S., which stands for Caring About Residents Every Second, was chosen because, simply put, that is what we do as an organization. FULL STORY

pumpkinNursing home celebrates Halloween

October 31, 2011

Albany County Nursing Home residents, families and staff celebrated Halloween in style this year with pumpkin decorating activities, an elaborate Haunted House, a costume party and trick or treating for local school children. view a Haunted House photo gallery

Jack and HyckLife at ACNH reaches high note for former New York Metropolitan Opera singer

In his prime, Jack D.’s voice filled the room at New York’s world-famous Metropolitan Opera House. Now in his golden years, Jack fills a room at Albany County Nursing Home, where frequently he can be spotted in the fourth floor recreation room leading a singing group of fellow residents. full story

Helping families is what these chefs bring to the table

Families who are far from home and worried about a sick child need the warmth and comfort that a volunteer’s friendly smile can bring. And, after a long day at the hospital, they also appreciate a home-cooked meal. That’s the loving ingredient members of the Albany County Nursing Home Professional Staff Association bring to the table. full story

Gretchen StormRehab therapists helping residents live and function independently

Spend a little time with the therapists at Albany County Nursing Home and you’ll discover that working one on one with the residents is something they truly enjoy. But truth be told, what really puts a smile on their faces is never having to see those patients walk through the doors again. “When we send people home, that’s what makes us happiest as a group,” said Jennifer Bourque, ACNH Director of Rehabilitation Services. “That’s the end result we want and that’s when we’re most satisfied with the job we’ve done." full story

Third time's a charm for nursing home budget

For the first time in three years the Albany County Executive’s Office has presented a budget that does not call for closing Albany County Nursing Home. While the finances look bleak for the county in 2012, Albany County Executive Michael Breslin’s final budget proposal in his tenure does include funding for ACNH as plans proceed to build a new facility. full story

ashby in military gearJake Ashby's mission in life to help others

Whether it’s aiding an elderly person in performing the simple task of getting out of bed in the morning or the complicated responsibility of fighting terrorism in the Middle East, Jake Ashby’s mission in life is helping people. full story

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